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Self-Worth.   Self-Esteem.  Self-Confidence.  Empowerment.    

These words have probably run through your mind or at the very least through your Instagram feed.  

Can you relate to any of these:

Thinking that others are better than you

Often put others first

Easily go along with what other people or the crowd wants

Only feel good when others say nice things about you or approve of you

Think you’re too over weight

Feel like you’re not lovable

Always look at what you are or who you are is not good enough

Well, I am here to tell you that all women have some sort of internal dialogue both on a conscious level and a subconscious level.   

These are limiting beliefs or false assumptions, and might sound a lot like this:

I don’t know how to

I’m too old

I’m too young

I don’t know what to say

I’m too shy

I’m not good enough

I’m not smart enough

I’m not pretty enough

I don’t look like her

These stories are like a recording running in the background and lead you to believe that your worth is tied up in how other people see and treat you.

You probably have read a self-help book or two. Possibly attended a self-improvement conference. Watched inspirational videos. Read countless inspirational quotes and memes.

You feel the motivation rise up, you promise yourself that starting tomorrow you’re going to:

Lose that weight

Ask for that raise

Apply for that job/promotion

Write that book/blog

Start that business

………………….Add your own dream goal

But in spite of your heartfelt intentions, you never seem to make it to the finish line.

Truth be told, sometimes you never get beyond the starting line.  

When I first started working with Sarah she was in the same position at her company she worked, for 12 years. She had experienced other colleagues with less experience and knowledge get promoted and get better jobs and positions. Sarah loved her work but was so disheartened and frustrated. So what held her back? Sarah didn’t have the self-belief. Together we identified her limiting beliefs and reprogrammed positive ones and through our coaching sessions she set goals. Long story short, Sarah applied and got a massive promotion within 3 months 

If you’re anything like me, you want to see results like yesterday because let’s face it, having to rehash every crappy thing that’s ever happened in your life in order to feel happy/dump the loser/make the money/or insert whatever desire you want, weeeelllllll…that’s a lot of work.

And although I’m not saying it won’t take SOME work, what I am saying is that you can start to see a shift in as little as 2-5 minutes.

“I’m still so shocked (pleasantly! wonderfully!) at how much just the first session of PSYCH-K has changed things for me. I have been overweight all my life, and I was 5 stone overweight at the time of the session. I just had no idea what to do, and there was obviously a massive mental block going on. After the session which was about 2 months ago, with just the brief statement words resonating in my head, I have lost nearly 2 stone. It gave me my missing link, changed my mindset, and it is just incredible how things have changed for me. Thank you, Lucinda! I can’t wait for the next one!”

This might seem very far fetched, but I kid you not.  The technique is called PSYCH-K and it gets to the root of those limiting beliefs.


I started having PSYCH-K sessions from Lucinda last year in May, and I am really impressed with the quick results. We are regularly working on my limiting beliefs and every time we meet I discover more and more about myself and the negative thoughts that are holding back my personal and spiritual growth! It is a very fascinating inner journey which, increasing my awareness, is helping me to react in a more healthy and responsible way to people and situations.

I have already experienced some positive changes in my life, and I am feeling more empowered and determined to fulfill my dreams and aspirations!

PSYCH-K does work and I am getting so interested that will be doing the basic and advanced courses myself at the earliest opportunity. I am so grateful to Lucinda for providing such a valuable service with her wisdom, expertise and supportive attitude, and I would highly recommend her to anyone whose aim is to find their true selves, free from any past conditionings.


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