Life Coaching with PSYCH-K, empowering women to maximise their self-esteem, confidence, holistic health and well-being. Ultimately, I empower women to change their lives…for good!

This Is My Personal Transformation

From when I was a very young child, my life led me from one traumatic abusive experience to the next. These painful experiences led me on a journey through deep dark times of self-loathing and self-destruction. I ‘managed’ these mental health and emotional issues by self-medicating with alcohol and bouts of eating disorders. As I healed, my personal transformation led me to want to help others who had suffered or were suffering in the way that I had been. I could truly empathise with them and I wanted to empower them with all that I’d learnt. After all, I had discovered that I was really good at helping others.

The Holistic Approach To Empowering Women

I empower personal transformation using Life Coaching and Self-Development Techniques working with PSYCH-K®. This enables women to identify what they don’t like about their lives,  remove  subconscious limiting beliefs and blockages. Life Coaching with Psych-K can help reprogramme their sub-conscious mind with the healthy positive beliefs they want instead. Changes can be made and seen within 2-5 minutes using PSYCH-K® techniques and believe me, this is no gimmick. I empower women to release their fears, anxieties, and stresses.  The women that I work with undergo a personal transformation and recognise who they truly are.

I work with people who have felt or feel disempowered for what ever reason, by their past or present life. Women who havent make their own health and well-being a priority in their lives. Women whose life experiences have caused them to lack self-esteem and self-worth. Women who feel they don’t have a moment to think about themselves. Women who have forgotten their dreams and ambitions.  For these women self growth and personal transformation are entirely posible with Free Free Life Coaching.

How I Got To Empowering Women With Life Coaching

I worked for many years with disempowered women, I completed a Degree in social care.  I passed with 1st Class Honours and with the highest grade in my consortium. I later qualified as an (IDVA) Independent Domestic Violence Adviser. This was whilst I was managing local services and the many staff and volunteers that supported women who were experiencing domestic and sexual violence, childhood abuse or trauma.

In my spare time, I trained in relaxation and stress relief techniques such as Acupressure Massage, Indian Head Massage, and Hopi Ear therapies. Inspired by the teachings of great leaders I drew upon my own intuition, experiences, and self growth.  I went on to study different healing modalities and I qualified as a Reiki Healer and Meditation Teacher.

I channelled healing to others using other alternative and holistic techniques such as the Healing Code, Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing and Aura Cleansing. I then became a Certified Usui Reiki Master and Teacher and qualified as a Master Practitioner in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). I studied Mindfulness gaining an A grade pass Diploma as well as Life Coaching, Advanced Life Coaching and Holistic Nutrition Diplomas all with an A grade pass with Distinction. Finally, I qualified in Basic, Advance, Pro and Divine & Health and Well-Being PSYCH-K® Integrations.

PSYCH-K® Made Me Aware Of My Limiting Beliefs

My personal transformation has given me a deep respect for every technique that I’ve studied and each has a place in my life and heart. As a ‘lifelong learner”, I love aquiring knowledge and skills. But what was it that really kept driving me to keep searching? Was I looking for an answer? Why couldn’t I find the answer? Ahhh………to find the answer you must know the problem!!!

PSYCH-K® has made me aware of the problem. The problem was my limiting beliefs. The problem was my subconscious mind that was driving my movements, my thoughts, my beliefs, my attitudes, my values, my behaviors etc. Once I identified these limiting beliefs and reprogrammed new beliefs into my subconscious mind by using PSYCH-K® techniques, I became empowered and my  attitude to life started to change, dramatically and ultra-fast.

Empowering Women – Feel Free Life Coaching With PSYCH-K

My personal journey led me to realise that I had found my true calling empowering women. That led me to create Feel Free Life Coaching, so that I could empower women through the knowledge and techniques that I had learnt.  If you are impacted by a lack of self esteem, self loathing, and low self-worth, Feel Free Life Coaching is for you.  Let us help empower your self growth and personal transformation.

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