With every expansion, every growth, with every development, or change, there comes a degree of fear. It is an inevitable part of moving forward in life. If you are to live a fulfilling and meaningful life, fear will always be with you, ESPECIALLY if you are living a life of authenticity and truth. There will be fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of getting it wrong, fear of being different, fear of not being liked, fear of upsetting others etc. etc. So…….what about we stop trying to avoid fear and learn to live with it, befriend it even. Most of us try to avoid fear, avoid the things that make us step out of our comfort zone, but, if you’re not somehow experiencing fear, you are living a small and polarised life. In the words of Henry Ford “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got” So, if you want your life to grow, to change, you should focus on learning how to deal with fear when it shows up. In other words, you should learn to live with fear. I know this sounds strange at first, but just bear with me.

You see, fear is an unavoidable and necessary part of living, so better you learn to use it to your advantage before it consumes you and directs your life. This can be done through, understanding what fear really is, as it’s hard to use things to your advantage without first understanding them, as we more often fear what we don’t understand. So what really is this emotion called fear? What is this thing that can render us speechless, helpless, and hopeless and stop us in our tracks? Dr. Lissa Rankin (author at Positively Positive) divides fear into two groups; true fear and false fear. She explains that true fears prompt a protective life-preserving reaction that causes us to recognise danger, while false fears, which exists in our imagination, can be used to fuel personal and spiritual growth, I’ll explain how a bit later. This means that both forms of fears, if used correctly, can be used to our advantage; one to protect and the other to stimulate. See? Fear is not that bad after all.

So……we should be thanking fear, as time and time again it protects us, for example, it is our fear of getting sick that often focuses us to eat healthier and make wiser lifestyle choices. It therefore offers a sense of reasoning that is lifesaving. Fear motivates us to do better, to be better. The fear of losing their job could motivate someone to be more efficient. The fear of failing a test could push a student to study harder to be successful. Can you think of a time that you were in fear of losing something? Whether it was finance, health, friendship, happiness etc. and that very fear motivated you to do better and change the situation. You see, if fear is used correctly, it helps you focus. In the middle of a problem, it can push you to focus on finding a solution that gives a positive result.

Think of fear as an alert system, and you will then see its usefulness in your life.

So how do we use fear as a power that works for us that can drive us beyond the ordinary and to become the extra ordinary diamond that we were created to be?

A life stuck within the boundaries of your comfort zone is really one that is always the same, one that is repetitive, unexciting, uneventful, boring and frustrating. As we can only really feel Joy, when we are learning and growing towards the very unique and individual purpose we were born for. Yes! I said…………Unique and Individual, so not the purpose your parents were born for, or your friends, it’s not about culture or race or religion, although they all can remain very important to you while you strive to BE YOU! One of the most frequent questions I am asked is ‘How do I know what my life purpose is?’ And I always respond, ‘What gets you excited?’ ‘What makes you feel true passion?’ ‘What do you love doing more than anything?’ ‘If you had all the money and courage needed, what is that meaningful thing that you would definitely do?’ That is your Life Purpose!! So why aren’t you doing it? Why aren’t you being excited about it every day? Why aren’t you enjoying it? Sharing it? Why aren’t you making a living from it? Because of fear. The only reason you can’t do something, is because you don’t believe you can! Have you ever noticed that when you know and believe in yourself, the fear goes, or at least it changes, you feel it and you are able to do it anyway. Fear and excitement give a very similar feeling, the same butterflies and belly rolls, the same sweaty palms or nervous giggle. The way I see it, you can let fear cripple you or you can learn to live with it and use it to become a better you than yesterday. So talk to your fear, befriend it, “I know you are here to protect me and I appreciate you, but I’ve got it from here”

Breathe out that fear and breathe in the excitement. Breathe out the fear and breathe in the excitement…………..Now Go Get ‘EM!!!!! BE YOU!!!


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