‘I look awful’ ‘They don’t like me’ ‘I am not smart enough’ ‘I could never afford that’ ‘I’m too old’ ‘I’m too young’ ‘I will never be as good’ ‘I could never do that’ ‘It’s too late for me’ These are just a few examples of the thoughts and perceptions that constantly plague our minds, when the reality is that over 90% of these thoughts are highly inaccurate. It is interesting to note that although the mind is considered as our most powerful weapon, it is actually the source of all our unnecessary stress, distress, fears, sadness, disappointment, anger. So……….it is about time that we change our thinking and be on our way to becoming happier, healthier people.

The good news is….our thoughts and perceptions make up our reality. The bad news is….our thoughts and perceptions make up our reality. Bear in mind that a thought is just a thought, it is not who we are. We get to choose! We choose a good thought Yay!!! We choose a negative thought Boo!!! Just the same way you would choose thoughts to become sentences of a story book you wrote, you can choose thoughts to become your life story. Here are some ways in which you can change the story and in so doing change your lives for the better.

First of all, your thoughts, whether good or bad are mostly the products of your imagination. They are not conjured up by someone else. It therefore means that whatever power your thoughts have, they got it from you. Hence, when you manifest a negative thought, it is just a thought until you choose what to do with it. In this case, you have two choices, you can choose to believe a mere speculation, false assumption, limiting belief and allow it to burden you to the point where it attracts other thoughts and spirals into your reality or you can choose to see the thought for what it is, just a thought and move on. Take control of your thoughts or they will control you. Keep your thoughts Positive!

Now that we have established that we have the control about what our thoughts become, we can make an extra effort to modify them so that they work for our benefit. The truth is that much of the things we believe to be true may simply be misinterpretation on our part. A further investigation may very well prove that what you were thinking was far from the truth. For example, Jane may pass you in the street this morning without saying ‘hi’, instead of thinking that her actions were a result of something you did, how about you consider the fact that Jane might have just been preoccupied with something else? Never get stuck on a negative thought, consider other positive explanations. Remember that it is not always about you. Remember, when you have a negative thought, acknowledge it, recognize it is not you, it’s just a thought, so you can press delete and change it for a more positive one instead. And believe me, other positive thoughts will then follow.

Take control of what you can actually control……there are some situations that are out of our hands, as such we have no control over them. Does it make sense then that we waste time dwelling on those? What we can do however is spend our precious time trying to control the things that are within our power to control. Do we have much control of whether people like us or not? No! However, we do have control of the worth we place on ourselves. We do have control of the thoughts we whisper to ourselves that can blossom into realty. Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll definitely start having positive results.

Ask yourself, ‘Does it really matter?’

So by living with the understanding that you can only control the things that are within your scope to control, then you realise that the things you cannot control are things that don’t matter in the first place. At the end of the day, it shouldn’t matter how Jane feels about you. Why do you need her approval anyway? It is your belief in yourself that will be the driving force that will push you into becoming the best that you can be. So, focusing on speaking positive thoughts into your life should be your primary concern. Everything else is secondary, or even irrelevant. I love the quote of Zig Ziglar “Positive thinking will let you use the ability which you have, and that is awesome!” Because with positive thinking comes clarity and an uplifting energy and this is where you see all you are capable of (often a lot more than you dreamed of) Self-Love means never listening to those thoughts that a untrue or inaccurate. It means recognising and nurturing what’s important. All that is pure, all that is uplifting, all that is of good rapport, all that is of positive energy and vibration.

Think Upon These Things! Let Them Be Your Focus!!


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