Your Life Coaching Sessions with PSYCH-K®

By now you’ll have probably read about Life Coaching with Psych-K and the self-growth that it can bring to you. You’ll have learnt that empowerment, a happy life, greater self-esteem and self-confidence are all possible.

Life Coaching with PSYCH-K can bring benefits even in a single session. You can potentially see a difference within minutes as you learn the basic techniques that we teach and use to support changes in your lives. However for real change and personal transformation to take place and become embedded in your life then your Life Coaching would normally take place over multiple sessions.

Sustaining change and growth

The majority of people find a single coaching session empowering, inspiring and motivating. Positive thinking and personal transformation can start immediately.  However, old habits feel so comfortable and can interfere with our self-growth. When we feel challenged or distracted we often find that we revert back to your old ways and lose the motivation and momentum to change. Our personal transformation can start to stall. Understanding and removing limiting believes creates the potential for change. But, delivering real meaningful changes comes over a longer period, as you grow with your new knowledge and techniques under the guidance of your PSYCH-K Life Coach.  Personal Transformation and confidence, self-esteem, self-growth, self-esteem all require an ongoing commitment.

Life Coaching with PSYCH-K will grow with you. With various levels, we are able to scale to support your on-going personal transformation.  For more details on how our life coaching adapts to your growing needs see here.

A framework for change

The optimal framework for coaching is a series of twelve sessions at weekly intervals over three months. Limiting beliefs can often be changed on a deep subconscious level within 2-5 minutes, whoever meaningful sustainable change on a conscious level comes through actions and on-going application. Your life coach will work on goal-setting, actioning and reviewing progress as sessions progress.

Identifying your expectations

Life Coaching with PSYCH-K is about you achieving the things you want to achieve. You may want to work on self-esteem, self-confidence, personal growth, or to tackle a specific goal that you have in mind. We will work together to understand your personal transformation goals.

Prior to your first session, we will have a 30-minute ‘Discovery Call’ that will:

  •  help you identify your objectives and what you want from the session in a focused way.  
  • clarify your expectations of coaching and your understanding of the process
  • Identify your main goals? What do you hope to achieve? What results do you want? What are your blacks/problem points
  • Agree on next steps. Are we a good match? Are you committed to do the work and invest your time and money?

Online Life Coaching, or Face to Face – you choose

Each life coaching session lasts 90 minutes and will take place either in person, over a secure video conferencing tool (such as Zoom) or Telephone depending on your preference. During each coaching session, we will be working out where you would like to see changes in your life and setting goals. Using the PSYCH-K® techniques, we will then transform the subconscious beliefs that are limiting your life and holding you back from making the changes needed.

At the end of the session, you will have set clear actions, that you will commit to completing, in order to fulfil the goals you’ve set. This is how you’ll experience your desired changes.

Are ready to Change Your Life?

If you are ready to take the steps towards a personal transformation inside and out, get in touch now and we can start working together to create your best life. I’m looking forward to working with you!

Consider some of these common ‘limiting beliefs’ that can be changed into positive beliefs that support you instead.

“No matter what I do or how hard I try, it’s never good enough” could be changed to “I always do my best and my best is good enough”

“I won’t ever be able to build the business/career that I want” could be changed to “I successfully build the business/career that I want”

“It’s not safe to ask others to help me because I can’t trust them to do the job right.” could be changed to “I get the help that I need and trust to make my business/career/life a success”

“I just can’t seem to resolve my health condition” could be changed to ” My body is healed, restored, and filled with energy”

“I won’t try anything new or risky because I’ll probably mess it up.” could be changed to “I trust my creativity and ingenuity in times of change”

“What I do isn’t really important” could be changed to “All that I do is important to me, my family, the world”

“Nobody understands me” could be changed to “I am understood for who I am and my dreams and aspirations”

What PSYCH-K ® Balances can I expect during my session?

New Direction and Resolution Balances 

These balances create a balanced communication with both hemispheres of the brain, which reduces any resistance to creating change. This ‘whole-brain’ state is ideal for reprogramming the subconscious mind with new beliefs that support your goals. You can work with specific belief statements that are personal to the changes you want to experience, whether emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. These Balances can also be used to release stressful situations and/or emotions, trauma and phobias.

Belief Points with Energy Focusing There are 12 points on the body that are derived from ancient acupressure. They represent key beliefs that give us valuable information about how we are limiting ourselves. When these points are combined with Energy Focusing, these subconscious beliefs can be accessed and changed in a matter of seconds. A safe and effective process that allows energy to be focused to a Belief Point in order to change subconscious beliefs quickly and easily.

Surrogation A process which uses a surrogate (substitute person) to effect change at a distance with someone who is not physically present. You may be a substitute for someone you know, who is unable to attend a session in person, whether due to distance, illness, age etc.

Relationship Balance This balance helps us transform any personal issues we may have in our relationships. It can provide a clearer perspective on the value of relationships between parents and children, siblings, coworkers, spouses, friends and lovers etc. Doing the Relationship Balance will allow you to identify which ‘hot buttons’ are being pushed in your relationship and also the lessons that need to be learned in order for you to be able to make clear decisions from a responsive perspective, rather than a reactive one.

Life Bonding Balance The trauma of birth and the fear of death are two powerful aspects of human life. This balance utilizes breath as a means of re-programming any negative impact of these influences in our lives. By directing the breath back and forth between two power points in the body, you can release stress associated with these experiences and free yourself to experience the fullness and joy of life.

Core Belief Balance This Balance aligns 13 Core Beliefs that support the manifestation of your full potential in life. It is frequently a profound alignment process that prepares the mind/body system for accelerated growth and change. The Core Belief Balance shows you why you are manifesting your current experiences. It reveals which Core Beliefs you currently hold that are limiting you and which are enhancing you, such as ‘I can’ versus ‘I can’t ‘, ‘I love myself/I hate myself’, ‘I deserve to be happy/I deserve to be unhappy’. Once this has been established, the Balance will then align all of the enhancing beliefs, so that you are being driven by those beliefs on a daily basis.

Life Messages  This is particularly beneficial when working with health related conditions, illness, disease, allergies etc. During this process, we will communicate with your Superconsious/Higher Self to identify whether or not there is a life message behind the condition, and if it is safe and appropriate to learn the lesson and begin to release the condition.

Are you ready to Change Your Life?

If you are ready to take the steps towards a personal transformation inside and out, get in touch now and we can start working together to create your best life. I’m looking forward to working with you!

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