What Women Are Saying About FeelFree

These testimonials are taken from the Feel Free Facbook Page and are absolutely genuine. If you are ready to work together, contact me now!

Lucinda is an amazing intuitive lady who changed my life in one session. If you have any doubts as to whether she can help you put them out of your mind and take the plunge. She gets to the root of problems quickly and effortlessly and puts you where you want to be. The change she made in how I view my life have been permanent.


 There’s a reason why so many women trust Lucinda to help transform their lives…

I have truly enjoyed PSYCH-K Balances with Lucinda; she is an extremely inspiring coach and a very nurturing facilitator. I felt really safe in her capable and loving hands. She has a very positive energy and is able to use both her extensive knowledge and her intuition to guide the process and create deep, beautiful, lasting transformations. PSYCH-K is one of the most meaningful things I’ve done for myself, and I keep reaping the fruits from it!”


I came in a skeptic and left feeling like I’d been offered the gift of a powerful healing space which enabled every step I took in my life after meeting Lucinda to be lighter, more joyous and filled with so much love. Lucinda’s intuition is breathtaking. Her gentle loving manner set me at ease the moment I was in her presence. She is open and non judgmental about everything which means I was able to feel safe sharing my inner most thoughts. She connected with me and helped me through the process which left me feeling supported and loved. The healing process has started and I already feel the benefit. I cannot recommend her enough.


Creating sustaining amazing results. I highly recommend working with Lucinda!


I’m still so shocked (pleasantly! wonderfully!) at how much just the first session of PSYCH-K has changed things for me. I have been overweight all my life, and I was 5 stone overweight at the time of the session. I just had no idea what to do, and there was obviously a massive mental block going on. After the session which was about 2 months ago, with just the brief statement words resonating in my head, I have lost nearly 2 stone. It gave me my missing link, changed my mindset, and it is just incredible how things have changed for me. Thank you, Lucinda! I can’t wait for the next one!


PSYCH-K has been vital in my new journey, to be able to manage stressful situations in a more calm way and also to be able to believe, accept and transform myself day by day. I am excited on my new journey and I am grateful for Lucinda being there for me as my friendly ear and guide, I cant wait for new balances!

Nina April

 I would like to thank you for the amazing work of inner transformation. After coming out of many turning points in my life, you helped me to become a beautiful butterfly that came out of the cocoon of difficulties and confusions.


Dear Lucinda thank you so much for everything!!! I feel so happy, determined and empowered! God bless you and PSYCH-K. This world really needs you and your wise support is going to be fundamental for lots of people who are waiting for you!


Lucinda has so much warmth and wisdom, and has great experience and knowledge of many different healing modalities. PSYCH-K is an amazing way of re-balancing your core beliefs and has to be experienced. I was really surprised by the profound changes it allowed from the beginning and am excited by its potential to create more healing and positive growth.


Absolutely loved my time working with Lucinda and am looking forward to continuing sessions. She created such a warm and welcoming atmosphere and held space for me as I allowed myself to receive healing and balance. She has an open and loving frequency and as she listened, I felt that she also truly understood what I was working through, and every step in the process felt like a huge celebration. Moreover, her process just WORKS. Highly recommended.


Lucinda has  a professional and warm approach which sets a very safe atmosphere for the coaching sessions.  The sessions with Lucinda run with great sense of love and compassion even when the challenges and questions  arise regarding any of the issues I am working on.

Lucinda’s experience of working  with women jumps all the time, She is very aware of her intuition and at the same time respects and acknowledges mine;  and  in this process she takes all the necessary time for me to word my ideas and make my own  conclusions. The PSYCH-K  sessions run with fluidity regardless how heavy I am when I start the session.

I have cried, but specially I have laughed, smiled, and celebrated form my heart.  There is always some thing new in the horizon, some thing to look forward  at the end of every the session.

And this is the first.

With Love and gratitude!


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