Reduce stress, achieve goals and feel free to live your life to the full.

I empower women through my transformational hypnotherapy and life coaching. Are you ready to unlock your full potential?

Hypnotherapy in West London

Hypnotherapy in West London

Unlock your full potential.

By now you’ll have probably read about Transformational Hypnotherapy and the self-growth that it can bring to your life. You’ll have learnt that a happy, successful and fulfilled life, with greater self-worth and self-confidence are all possible.

Transformational Hypnotherapy can bring benefits even in a single session. You can potentially see a difference within minutes as you experience the techniques that Lucinda uses to help you recognise and release the blocks you have and help you empower each area of your life where you want to see improvement and change.

Life Coaching with PSYCH-K®

Don't let your past hold you back.

Life Coaching is a powerful self-development tool that provides structure, support, encouragement and motivation to get you from where you are, to where you want to be. Super Coaching helps people to empower themselves to use their ‘superpowers’.

Lucinda’s belief is that we are all whole and capable of being the best we dream to be and living the best life we choose. And that if you can dream it you can be it! And that all that stops us is our limiting beliefs and our negative patterns and habits.

Life Coaching with PSYCH-K®

Success stories with my clients

"All the sessions of hypnotherapy I had with Lucinda were so fulfilling. It helped me achieve my goals and improve my self- esteem. Every time I came out of hypnosis feeling so calm and clear- headed entirely free of anxiety. I highly recommend it."


"Lucinda is an amazing intuitive lady who changed my life in one session. If you have any doubts as to whether she can help you put them out of your mind and take the plunge. She gets to the root of problems quickly and effortlessly and puts you where you want to be. The change she made in how I view my life have been permanent."


"I came to Lucinda because I was very unhappy in my job, over 6 sessions I not only have a new job I love, but my life has changed in many other areas due to my confidence and self-worth SOARING, I feel so good about myself and will always be eternally grateful to Lucinda and hypnotherapy"



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Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching in London

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